7 Poemas para um Mundo Novo

Fernando Mota

“7 Poemas para um Mundo Novo” é um conjunto de sete filmes inspirados pela pandemia global de 2020, pela nossa relação com o planeta e a natureza e pela pesquisa e criação de instrumentos musicais experimentais a partir de árvores e outros materiais naturais. Cada filme é baseado num poema inédito de um autor português, partindo da sua reflexão sobre o período de quarentena e o Mundo que sonha ou que teme que aí venha, um manifesto para um Mundo Novo. 

"If I exist, it will be as a playground of light.

That is the contagion."

in The Lack of a Stone

by Vasco Gato

"No goodness, no hope,

only lack of music,

security, police.    

There’s no love,

but where, if not here, is love?"

in The Great Catastrophe

by António Barahona

"When we were told to stay home, it was through these windows that we felt our

way through the universe:

So many houses like our house. So much fear, like our fear.

That’s when everything became landscape.."

in F(u)ture

by Joana Bértholo

"A husk and ornament could grow,

occupation of the whole image and careful

to let the discouraged ear open

a slow skiff in the soul –  

and like rain I bite

the warm leaves in prayer."

in Melancholia

by Andreia C. Faria

"we’re dealing then with the honorable task of sharing

secrets through ears bent to the dolmen’s lap          

& surviving almost everything

the day, the night, hell, winter"

in "no title"

by Marcos Foz

"For weeks, I only stared at

my branches. I convinced myself that I was

the only tree in the forest."

in Chlorophyll

by José Luís Peixoto

"Its ten thousand captains have the same face

The same dark belt the same rank and office

When one revolts, there are ten thousand rebels"

in The Ship of Mirrors

by Mário Cesariny