Composer, Sound Artist and Performer

Has developed a multidisciplinary language, joining music, theater, visual arts and poetry in the creation of objects of different natures such as performances, installations, films and various releases. His universe is made from the intersection of different languages, geographies and tools as well as the constant sound exploration and the construction of experimental musical instruments from different materials.

Regularly composes soundtracks for theatre, dance and animated film, having collaborated with several national and international directors, companies and production companies.

Develops workshops, sound walks and other kinds of work with various types of groups and communities.

In early 2020 he started a cycle of creations around musical instruments and sound objects built from trees, stones and other natural elements. The first of these was Concerto for a Tree, followed by 7 Poems for a New World, a set of seven short films he directed with director Mário Melo Costa, based on unpublished poems by Andreia C. Faria, António Barahona, Joana Bértholo , José Luís Peixoto, Marcos Foz and Vasco Gato, and another one by Mário Cesariny, inspired by the pandemic and the future. In 2021, the multidisciplinary show Passagem Secreta premiered with text by Vasco Gato and videos by Mário Melo Costa, based on research on the communication system of trees through roots and the concepts of belonging and community. Still following this research, he created with Margarida Botelho and Mário Raínha Campos the film O Bosque, commissioned by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

At the moment he is developing From the beginning of the World, a project created in seven artistic residencies in different regions of Portugal, which crosses music and sound research with the visual arts, resulting in a concert, an audio-visual installation and a tour sound at each of the seven locations. Each of the objects will be developed from the research of the natural elements of each place, according to the Sursum Corda composition method, inspired by the Pythagorean theory of the Harmony of the Spheres and by the expression Nada Brahma, from the Indian Vedas, which can be translated by translated by "the World is Sound".