Sursum Corda | through everything

Sursum Corda (*) is a multidisciplinary show that deepens the research that Fernando Mota has been developing around the expressive and symbolic possibilities of natural elements, in projects such as 7 Poems for a New World, Secret Passage and Concerto for a Tree. It represents a radicalization of this cycle of creations, assuming art as a tool for transforming society. It uses listening, silence and shock as moments of questioning the daily rhythm and natural elements as raw material for a performative object that dialogues with the various dimensions of the human being: the spirit, the soul and the body.

"There is no opposition between the living and the non-living. Every living being is not only in continuity with the non-living, but it is its extension, its metamorphosis, its most extreme expression. Life is always the reincarnation of the non-living, the bricolage of the mineral, the carnival of the planet's telluric substance"

in Metamorphoses, by Emanuele Coccia

(*) Sursum Corda (Latin): "Hearts up high", "Raise your hearts". Opening dialogue of the Preface of the Eucharistic Prayer or Anaphora in the liturgies of the Christian Church. It is recorded in the earliest liturgies of the Christian Church and is found in all ancient rites.